Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1st cake with The Cake Slice - Sweet Potato Cake

I was a tad apprehensive when I reviewed the ingredients and saw Cake Flour listed.
I made a cake at TWD that required cake flour and did not like the end result ..the spongy-ness texture of the cake just does nothing for me....although everyone else in my house raved about the cake. So I hoped for the best with this Sweet potato cake and began baking!!!
First bump in the road... I don't have 3 pans of any I pulled out 2 of the 9" pans and one cheap 8" pan that I dug out from wayyyyy in the back of my cabinet.
They baked pretty quickly and all seemed well until I began assembling them...I put the 8" at the bottom...OOOOPS....and I didnt have thawed OJ concentrate only regular liquid OJ...although the jug did say it was made from concentrate...which I didnt think made a difference until the filling started ooozing out as I cut the cake!!!
All in all the taste was ok. Not a cake I will have at the top of my list to make over...but hey Im a Chocolate girl at Im a little biased!

Can't wait for the reveal of next month's selection!!! Until then Bake & be Happy!!!


The Food Librarian said...

Looks great! What a tall and fun cake!

Rosie said...

Your cake looks gorgeous and welcome to The cake slice bakers :)

Rosie x

Jo said...

Great job on your 1st challenge andwelcome to Cake Slice.

Moogie said...

Welcome to the club. And your cake looks great!

TeaLady said...

My filling oozed too, but that just makes it more fun. Looks tasty.

Bunny said...

Welcome to The Cake Slice, You did a fantastic job on your first cake!

Jacque said...

Your icing looks so creamy and delish!

Putting the 8" on bottom sounds like something I'd do too, LOL.

Caroline said...

Your cake looks lovely. I had plenty of mishaps making my cake as well. Welcome to the group.

Gigi said...

Welcome to The Cake Slice! You did a great job on your first cake. Hopefully next months might include chocolate.

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Jimmy Simpson said...

Thanks for sharing potato cake idea mam
Jimmy Simpson
Wedding Cake Writer